General midwife services

Midwives are professionals who specialise in pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal care and lactation consultancy.

For the expectant mother, the midwife is the contact person for all questions regarding pregnancy. She can perform antenatal care, help with pregnancy problems, offer pre-parental and parenting courses, and help pregnant women in choosing the place of birth. During labour, the midwife will be right by the woman’s side throughout the entire birthing process with competent support and empathy, wherever needed. During postnatal care the midwife observes the adaptation of the newborn to the new environment and the recovery and healing processes of the mother. Questions and concerns regarding nursing and nutrition are addressed at his time.

The midwife accompanies the whole family through the pregnancy and the first year of the child’s life. The aim is to optimally promote the growing relationship between parents and newborns.

Midwive’s services are usually paid by the public health insurance. If you are privately insured, please check with your health insurance provider, which services are included.